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WSSC Approves Infrastructure Repair Solutions from LMK Technologies One of the Nation’s Largest Water & Wastewater Utilities Approves LMK’s Insignia® End Seals & Lined Main Tap – Saddle for Use in Sewer System Rehabilitation

Ottawa, Ill. (November 2nd, 2015) — The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the United States, has approved two infrastructure repair solutions from LMK Technologies for use in the Commission’s sewer systems. LMK’s Insignia® End Seals and LMT – (Lined Main Tap) Saddle were evaluated by the WSSC’s Materials Evaluation Committee (MEC) and approved for applications in Maryland’s Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, a region representing 1.8 million people.

“The WSSC has a very stringent and thorough review process,” says Rick Gage, Vice President of Sales at LMK Technologies. “We are proud of their findings, which further exemplify our dedication to quality, innovation and best practices in the Trenchless Technology industry.”

Since 1993, LMK Technologies has been a leader in the development of trenchless CIPP and sewer rehabilitation technologies. The LMT (Lined Main Tap) Saddle is designed to connect lateral pipes to mainline liners and mainline pipes that have not yet been rehabilitated. It is compatible with a variety of lining materials including polyethylene pipe commonly used in fold & form liners and pipe bursting, cured in place liners, and PVC folded liners.

The Insignia End Seal Sleeve was developed by LMK to ensure seamless and uniform water-tight seals at the end of rehabilitated pipe lining at the manhole penetrations. When used in conjunction with mainline CIPP lining, the Insignia gasket forms a watertight seal in the annular space between the liner and the host pipe. An annular space is always created between the host pipe and the liner because CIPP resins do not bond to the host pipe. Without the compression gasket, water will track behind the liner and re-enter the collection system.

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