T-Liner 5-Line, Mobile Steam Unit, Turn-Key Package

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The T-Liner® ASTM F2561 compliant system extends up the lateral pipe, beyond the first joint and typically to the right-of-way or to the house, and provides a full-circle; one-piece structural connection with Insignia® hydrophilic compression gasket sealing and engineered tapered ends. The T-Liner provides the best main-to-lateral lining system available today with the only verifiable sealing system.

T-Liner Steam System

Track Mounted Portable 5-Line Hose Reel

LMK 5-Line Hose Reel, robotic controls, 500’ of 5-line bonded hose (4-hydraulic and 1-pneumatic) with an internal 5-Line rotary fluid passage, hydraulic auto level-rewind and accessories are mounted on a hydraulic track system

  • 8-HP gasoline powered hydraulic power pack with variable flow controls
  • A 2,000 watt powered generator
  • Fully functional directional traffic warning light and mounted flood lights.
  • 110-volt air compressor
  • Enclosed day light color monitor
  • Manual rewind reel/500′ coax
  • Main Pipe Size Positioning Device with wheel adapters for 8″, 10″, and 12″ size pipelines
  • 8″, 10″, and 12″ Main Pipe Size Positioning Locking Elements (Packer Cans and Bladders)
  • 5-line top roller/ pneumatic 5-line bottom roller
  • Self retracting air hose reel 1/4″ x 25′
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit, Eye Wash Bottle, Umbrella

Steam Equipment – Mobile Steam Unit (Container on Trailer)

The LMK Mobile Steam Unit can be placed where you need it while not tying up a vehicle. The corrugated steel shipping container makes the ideal housing and contains everything needed to steam cure LMK’s T-Liner® Main-to-Lateral Connection Liners. Steam unit includes all piping, electrical and equipment listed below mounted and completely ready for field use.

  • Down Stream Reel 500′ of sleeved 1″ and ½” steam hose reel with rotary fluid passage, pneumatic auto level-rewind, and direct chain drive.
  • 20-HP diesel fired steam boiler
  • 12-KW Whisper-Watt diesel powered generator
  • 250 CFM BOSS diesel powered screw air compressor
  • Electric air cooling system
  • Enclosed water resistant daylight viewable color monitor
  • Manual rewind reel/500′ coax
  • 400 gallon poly water tank
  • Top roller/ Pneumatic bottom roller
  • Self retracting air hose reel 1/4″ x 25′
  • Manual Rewind Single Inversion Rope Reel with 600′ of 5/16″ Inversion Rope
  • Electric 3,500 psi pressure washer hose and reel
  • 12 (qty) 24″ reflective traffic cones
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit
  • Eye wash bottle

LMK CIPP T-Liner Wet Out Trailer – 28 ft.

Tailer is complete with a 48″ side door, full ramp rear door, and 7,000 lb axles. Trailer is wired with 50 AMP breaker box, (5) fluorescent ceiling lights, 7′ 6″ ceiling and 3-way switches. Powered by an 7-KW super quiet external fill gasoline fired generator. (Generator is mounted inside the trailer in protective box)

  • Wet Out Starter Kit: Digital Thermometer Gun, Grommet Gun, Grommets, Quick Bands, Liner Wet Out Clamp, 2-Slug Rollers 1 with and 1 without Calibration Rings, digital pound scale and digital gram scale and T-Launcher stand
  • Tool Box (mounted) with Universal Tool Kit
  • Hard wired vacuum pump 1.1 CFM @ 25″ of mercury (mounted on shelf)
  • Interior receptacles (Qty. 7)
  • Fold down aluminum wet out tables
  • Mixing drill, mixing paddle and holder with resin catch, digital scales for 5-Gallon Pails, Promoter and Catalyst
  • Deep freezer (25 cubic feet)
  • (2) Roof top air conditioners and heat strips (15 amp per unit)
  • PVC walls/ceiling, Insulated walls, ceiling, floor, grey rubber floor covering
  • LMK EZ Jack
  • LMK Ramp Door Bridge
  • Flush mount floor tie downs (Qty. 10)
  • Matching spare tire (mounted)
  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, PPE kit and eye wash station
  • Storage shelf, marker board, markers and miscellaneous holders installed

Layflat Hose Assembly

  • (2) 10′ Layflat Assembly for up to 5′ Liners
  • (2) 25′ Layflat Assembly for up to 20′ Liners
  • (2) 35′ Layflat Assembly for up to 30′

Cleanout Equipment

  • Push Plug, Cleanout, downstream, Steam “B” Station, with ½ inch flow thru, for 4″ – 6″ diameter pipes, hose and regulator assembly
  • Push Plug, Cleanout, upstream, non-flow thru, 3″ – 6″, with hose and regulator assembly

T-Launcher for use with 5-Line Equipment

  • (2) 8 inch Non-Flow Thru T-Launcher with 5-Line Positioner Tab, includes male camlock and 18″ layflat hose assembly.
  • (2) 10 inch Flow Thru T-Launcher with 5-Line Positioner Tab, includes male camlock and 18″ layflat hose assembly.
  • (2) 12 inch Flow Thru T-Launcher with 5-Line Positioner Tab, includes male camlock and 18″ layflat hose assembly.


  • License Fee per Territory (State), T-Liner
  • (4) Days Training, Charge per Day, T-Liner, In-House at LMK’s Facility. Minimum 4 training days required. Trainees: Minimum 4, Maximum 8. LMK will provide all necessary training materials. Continental breakfast and lunch will also be provided. 2 Trainers
  • (4) Days Training, Charge per Day, T-Liner, at Customer Location/Jobsite. Minimum 4 training days required. Trainees: minimum 4, maximum 8. Field Training must be scheduled to occur within 60 days from In-House Training. 2 Trainers
  • Travel Expenses for Two LMK Technicians/Trainers – Airfare (Economy or Coach) and/or Rental Car – will be added to order when travel is completed
  • (2) Travel Mobilization Time / per Trainer – Within Continental US

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T-Liner No Cleanout (TLNC) Camera and Positioning System

$93,730.00 Complete camera system with two cameras, 15″ stroke LMK positioner with 8″ packer element, air hose and 5-Line hydraulic hoses with ends, camera bracket and pins, complete 8″ flow thru T-launcher with male cam lock hose assembly, layflat hose and end cone assembly with steam back, laser guide and female cam lock positioner spacers (total of 8 of varying sizes) and cable strain relief with ends.


  • Camera/Reel System
  • Spare Camera
  • Modified Positioner with packer locking element, air hose and 5-Line hydraulic hoses with ends
  • Camera Bracket and pins (fits between T-Launcher and positioner)
  • 8″ Flow Thru T-Launcher with 18″ Layflat Hose Assembly with 4″ male camlock
  • Laser Guide
  • Layflat hose assembly for 3 ft. liners with 4″ female camlock, layflat hose, end cone, inversion rope and 20 ft of steam back hose
  • Enclosed day light color monitor
  • Positioner spacers Qty 4 – 1 inch, Qty 4 – 3/4 inch, Qty 4 – 1/2 inch
  • Cable strain relief with 1/8 inch coated ends
  • One quart of TPU Bladder Tab Adhesive
  • One bottle of Hydrophilic Glue (needed for installing O-Rings)
  • Extra pins for the camera bracket (order 2)
  • TLNC Positioner Hose Assembly – 1 set of 5-Line style positioner hoses for the rotation only (2 hoses bonded together with ends cut to length)