Stubby Schwalm System - Ambient Cure

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The Stubby Liner system extends up the lateral pipe 6 inches and provides a full-circle; one-piece structural connection with Insignia® hydrophilic compression gasket sealing.

Stubby Ambient System

Stubby Packers and Accessories

  • (2) Lateral Packer Flow Through for 8″ main
  • (2) Lateral Packer Flow Through Style – Suitable for mains with a diameters of 10-12 inches
  • (1) Lateral Packer Flow Through Style 12″-16″ Flow through Packer
  • (3) STUBBY™ TEE Shaped Bladder (Bladder to be mounted on packers listed above)
  • (6) Airhose Drum for Packers (Drum with Airhose 4mm 150′ length)
  • (2) 315 Air Gauges

Schwalm Robotics and Accessories

  • Schwalm Robot – Focus Camera

    • The robot will be supplied standard with the following items:
    • Air motor type 2025-P Serial-Nr.
    • Air motor type 2560-P Serial-Nr.
    • Side weights, Digital Box, four sets of axle extension sets 12″-24″
    • Lifting hook, hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil including a filling device; several tools; operator’s manual and transportation box
    • Main Cable Repair Kit
    • A high-resolution, tilt, focus camera with integrated LED lighting
  • Digital Control Unit 19″ Video System (To build into vehicle)

    • Text generator and an electronical meter counter on screen (INCLUDES OSD Card)
    • The unit controls all six functions of the robot.
    • Has a proportional speed control. Power supply 120 V/60Hz and capacity approx. 1000 Watts. Weight 29 Kg.
  • Vehicle mounted remote control unit for control of forward/backwards movement of the robot.
  • Electrical cable drum RA200

    • Aluminum frame, emergency switch, digital footage counter on the front
    • Adjustable pulling strength of the cable, adjustable speed, automatic or manual control.
    • Includes a mounting bracket for the drum
    • Power supply 115V 60 Hz or 220 Volts 50Hz
  • Twin Hose Drum Reel – top feed

    • 500 feet of air and water hose. Includes camera cleaning unit
  • (4) Carbide wheels (Per each) Large Robot
  • (2) Piranha Milling Head

    • Cone shaped special mill for cutting all kinds of materials except steel
    • Diameter 2.04 inches, Height 2.08 inches, Number of segments 24
  • (2) Mushroom Shaped Milling Head

    • Suitable for cutting all kinds of materials
    • Diameter 3.8 inches, small version with diamonds. Number of segments 12
  • (2) Wire Brush Head

    • Small Cup Form- 2.5″
  • Air Motor Extension (4-inch) for 2560P Air Motor
  • Air Motor Extension (6-inch) for 2560P Air Motor
  • (2) Hydraulic Hose Short
  • (3) Bearings 618/8
  • (2) Bearings 61803 2Z
  • Seal 17-26-6 BA
  • (2) Seal 45-58-7 BABSL
  • (4) Seal 30-47-7 BABSL
  • Camera Cleaning Unit on Robot
  • Air Hose for Cutting Motor
  • Digital Motor for Tool Movement
  • Digital Motor for Hydraulic and Arm Rotation
  • Wings for Air Mortor 2025 1000 W
  • V-Belt for 2060
  • Test Box for 1330/2060 Robot


  • (2) Training, Charge per Day, T-Liner, In-House at LMK’s Facility. Minimum 4 training days required. Trainees: Minimum 4, Maximum 8. LMK will provide all necessary training materials. Continental breakfast and lunch will also be provided. 2 Trainers
  • (2) Training, Charge per Day, T-Liner, at Customer Location/Jobsite. Minimum 4 training days required. Trainees: minimum 4, maximum 8. Field Training must be scheduled to occur within 60 days from In-House Training. 2 Trainers
  • (1) Travel Expenses for LMK Technicians/Trainers – Airfare (Economy or Coach) and/or Rental Car – will be added to order when travel is completed
  • (1) Travel Mobilization Time / per Trainer – Within Continental US

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