Equipment: Schwalm Robotics

The most powerful and versatile sewer robot in America.

Save Time and Boost Productivity with a Schwalm CIPP Rehabilitation Robot.

German engineered Schwalm robots can significantly save time when compared to traditional winch-in-place robotic cutter systems.

The Schwalm robots are not only faster and extremely more efficient, but the capability of these robots has advanced the pipe renovation industry in North America to a level that offers truly trenchless options that until now were simply unavailable.

  • Effectively and completely reinstate service lateral connections from one manhole access point at one engineertime.
  • The remotely operated cutting tools are engineered to remove protruding taps and cut open CIPP turnbacks.
  • The multipurpose robots operate in 6 inch to 12 inch and 8 inch to 24 inch lined pipes. Each robot is equipped with a color pan/tilt, zoom camera and a lens washing device, ensuring that the operator has a clean, clear view of the work being performed.
  • The self-driven robot system can easily adapt to a mainline camera system, call LMK to ask how.

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