LMK strives to deliver advanced, diverse infrastructure solutions of the highest quality to contribute to customer success in the construction and protection of a sustainable underground system.

In our products section, you will find rehabilitation technology for each area of an underground collection system.


If you would like to learn what products we offer to rehabilitate a lateral system, please visit our Lateral section. This section houses information on our connection sealing products as well as lateral lining through a cleanout.

T-Liner® Shorty™ Stubby™ Lateral Lining


For mainline rehabilitation products such as our cured in-place inversion spot repairs, visit our Mainline section.

Sectional Inversion CIPP Couplings Lined Main Tap™


If you wish to know more about our manhole rehabilitation products from chimney to full depth rehabilitation, visit our Manhole section.

Cured-in-Place Manhole Shorty Liner Cured-in-Place Manhole Full Depth Liner System




For information on our Insignia™ hydrophilic end sealing products visit the Insignia™ section.

O-Rings End Seal Sleeve Hydrophilic Connection Hat


To learn about our trenchless lining support equipment, please view the Equipment pages.

Lateral Steamer Schwalm Robotic Systems Fabrication

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