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What is Neofit®?

Neofit is a trenchless, non-invasive, pull-in-place pipe lining system for existing water service lines. The Neofit Liner is made of PET, the same material as the common water bottle, but manufactured much stronger and tested to a minimum 50+ year life expectancy.

History of Neofit®

Although Neofit was originally developed in France for the rehabilitation of lead service lines, it is also applicable for other materials, such as galvanized, copper, steel, and plastic. Its reputation grew from being a protective barrier from harmful lead pipes, to also sealing small holes and cracks in the pipe. Due to its versatility and success, it developed worldwide and holds several international approvals for potable water applications.

Trenchless Technology

Unlike the epoxy coating technology, Neofit liner is classified as an interactive semi-structural liner Class C, Close fit that does not need to rely on adhesion.

Benefits of Neofit®+Plus

  • Cure to water quality problems. Neofit forms an immediate, effective barrier avoiding any leaching into the drinking water.
  • Speed of installation A lining rate of 4-5 properties per day on average can be achieved.
  • Minimum disruption In most cases only one access area needs to be excavated. In some cases, no excavation is required. Eliminates risk of damage to other utility services.
  • Cost effective Existing service lines can be lined with 40-60% less cost compared to excavation.
  • Multiple applications Applicable for water applications for multiple pipe materials - lead, steel, plastic, copper and galvanized iron.
  • Flow capacity Neofit has a minimum effect on flow rates. It often increases flow capacity!
  • Durable Neofit is made from PET and is tested to a minimum 50+ year life expectancy, and resistant to many hazardous fluids and treatments
  • Environmental friendly No chemicals are required and zero or minimum digging is necessary