LMK to Upgrade Neofit® Potable Water Product Range

Ottawa, IL, June 20, 2017 – LMK Technologies is proud to announce its continued five year partnership with Flow-Liner as a National Distributor of the Neofit System. The updated Neofit system is a durable, green, and cost effective method of trenchless rehabilitation of potable water lines, providing almost instantaneous results with increased flow rate and minimal diameter loss while creating a barrier from lead, preventing contamination and making water safe for consumers.

“LMK is very excited to continue partnership with Flow-Liner,” says Larry Kiest, Jr., President, CTO and Founder of LMK Technologies. “We look forward to promoting this technology with our highly skilled network of licensed contractors and distributors so water utilities across the country can benefit from improved water quality and meet the demand for renewed water service lines, complimenting the rise in rehabilitation of water mains.”

Neofit+ Plus System is a non-invasive pipe lining system especially designed for small diameter potable water service piping. The Neofit+ Plus Liner seals small leaks and pinholes in 1/2″ thru 2″ ID service piping. It also acts as a barrier between existing lead piping and potable drinking water. The Neofit+ Plus Liner is NSF-61 approved and has been tested to a minimum 50+ year life expectancy. LMK is promoting the advanced Neofit processing equipment, now providing lining lengths up to 300 feet. The technique necessitates minimal disturbance of surrounding ground, removing the risk of damaging other utility services. The absence of chemicals required makes it environmentally friendly and allows consumers to receive immediate return to service post processing.

To learn more about the Neofit+ Plus System, please contact LMK at 815-640-9302.

LMK Technologies, a world leader specializing in trenchless methods to renew subterranean pipeline infrastructure, has more than one hundred U.S. and foreign issued patents for its advancements in trenchless technology. Headquartered in

Ottawa, IL since 1993, LMK serves the municipal, commercial and residential markets through a network of licensed and certified contractors. For more information regarding LMK, please visit www.lmktechnologies.com, call 1-815-640-9302 or email info@lmktechnologies.co.

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