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LMK Technologies is a pipe rehabilitation company that has spent the last 20 years researching and developing products to help solve the world?s water and wastewater problems. Our design and engineering team is responsible over 100 patents worldwide and we have authored multiple significant ASTM standards that have been written based on products and technologies developed by LMK.

When cured in-place pipe is installed, it creates a new pipe within a pipe. This new pipe is structural, prevents root blockages, and renews the pipe for at least 50 years. One of the biggest benefits to cured in-place pipe is that it is installed with no digging whatsoever. This means that when you need your sewer line renewed, instead of hiring a contractor to dig your yard, destroy your landscaping, and charge you a lot of money, you can call LMK and renew your sewer in just a few hours, while leaving your shade tree, and your yard intact.

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Q: How long has this technology been around and why haven?t I heard of it before?

A: Lining pipe started in approximately 1972 and most of the work to-date has occurred in lining the mainline pipes which are owned by the municipality or county.

Q: What are the steps to having my sewer pipe lined?

A:First, your sewer pipe needs to be viewed with a sewer camera. The technician will insert a camera through the inside or, preferably, outside clean-out and push it through the pipeline and video record the findings. After the video report has been analyzed, the technician(s) will then clean the pipe and propose the best course of action. Most of the time, a liner can be installed without digging. If the pipe is full of roots, contains severe breakage or debris or it is collapsed, the technician might not be able to view the entire pipe until after cleaning occurs. Once the condition of the pipe is established, the technician will line the pipe through the outside clean-out with the patented Performance Liner? cured in place (CIPP) process. Using the outside clean-out makes the lining process 100% trenchless. After the preparation and set-up, process takes two to four hours to line the pipe.

Q: What if I don?t have an outside clean-out for the video work?

A: LMK strongly recommends the installation of an outside clean-out called VAC-A-TEE?. An outside clean-out allows service technicians the ability to access your sewer pipe for inspection, cleaning, root removal and to make repairs without digging.

Q: How is a VAC-A-TEE? clean-out system installed?

A:VAC-A-TEE? is a PVC saddle that is snapped on and adhered to the exterior of your sewer pipe and the crown is cored, creating the access point. The access point in your yard is located via sewer camera and once the location has been determined the technicians will cut a section of grass which will be put back, once the VAC-A-TEE? has been completely installed. The technicians will use a hydro-excavation or air evacuation machine to remove the soil and create a small 16 inch to 20 inch diameter borehole, exposing the sewer pipe. Next, they measure the depth to the pipe and attach the appropriately sized riser pipe to the VAC-A-TEE? saddle. The technicians then apply a very thick marine adhesive to the underside of the saddle and lower it into the hole. The saddle snaps over the pipe. After adding a small amount of water to activate the adhesive the borehole is backfilled. The pipe crown is cored creating the access point into the pipe. The sod is replaced around the clean-out cap and the work is complete and the lining process can be started.

Q: How long should the new liner last and is there a warranty?

A:Since the liner is made of a highly durable and long-lasting thermoset plastic resin and fabric matrix, the design life is 50 plus years. Most installers offer a standard one-year warranty from the time of installation. Life design is the period of time the cured in place-liner should last. Warranty is the period of time the contractor will guarantee their workmanship. Once the liner is cured any defects will most likely become apparent within the first year. However, if you require a longer workmanship warranty, you can discuss that with the installer.

Q: If roots were the problem will they grow back after the liner is installed?

A:No, since the liquid resin used in the lining process migrates into the open joints and voids and will cure as a solid, making the new host pipe seamless and joint-less. Roots will have nowhere to re-enter the newly installed lined pipe.

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