A Full-Service Trenchless Equipment Fabrication Shop

LMK’s fabrication department is capable of 3-D prototyping and machining on a 3-axis CNC machine as well as MIG, TIG, plasma cutting, and metal rolling. LMK also builds custom lining wet-out trailers and all support equipment necessary to efficiently and effectively rehabilitate lateral sewer pipe lines, main-to-lateral connections and manholes. With a specialization in custom tailoring trenchless lining equipment to the specific needs of the contractor/installer, LMK takes pride in its team of qualified and innovative individuals including a full-time Technology Team. We encourage you to learn more on how LMK can assist your company in designing the trenchless equipment you need by contacting or by calling 815-640-9302 to schedule your personal tour of the LMK manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

The LMK Line of Trenchless Lining Equipment Includes:

  • Wet-Out Trailers
  • Steam Trucks or Steamers
  • LMK 5-Liner Installation System LMK’s 5-Line System for T-Liner® installation is a classic and proven system for renewing main-to-lateral connections in two hours or less without any digging. Features include a daylight viewable monitor, an 8hp gasoline powered generator, up and downstream hose rollers, a robotic positioner, and a quick connect air hose.
  • LMK Lateral Launch Inversion Tank The LMK Inversion Tank is the last word in inversion tanks and lateral lining equipment. This launcher allows the rehabilitation of a lateral pipe through a cleanout directed either upstream, downstream, or even through an inside cleanout. The tank includes three safety valves, windows, and a pressurized camera port which allows the installer can visually verify.
  • LMK Cleanout Rig The LMK Cleanout Rig is a mark of how convenient and efficient the CIPP lining process can be. This vehicle is fully equipped with everything the installer needs to have ready and on hand at the cleanout ensuring the preparedness of the crew and resulting in the success of the overall end product. Features of the cleanout rig include a push camera and rod, a shop vacuum, a generator and quick connect air hose, any necessary tools, and even a safety eye wash station.
  • Schwalm Robots LMK is a distributor for Schwalm Robotic Systems. The Schwalm Robot is a cutter, grinder, mainline camera, and it can be used to install LMK’s T-Liner, Shorty™, or Stubby™ main-to-lateral CIPP Liners. More information about the Schwalm Robot can be found in the Schwalm section under equipment.

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