LMK Technologies Announces New Partner

Ottawa, IL, April 18th, 2019 – LMK Technologies (“LMK”), a world leader specializing in trenchless methods to renew lateral sewer infrastructure, is excited to announce the acquisition of our parent company Waterline Renewal Technologies (“WRT”) by the private equity firm Behrman Capital, as of Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

We welcome our new partner, Behrman Capital, and are looking forward to the opportunities this acquisition provides. LMK will continue to develop new cutting-edge technologies that will help improve the sewer and water rehabilitation industry and are excited about enhancing our support to our licensed installers.

Read more about the acquisition here.

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Trenchless Team Effort Yields Success in Downtown Minneapolis

Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the busy off ramp from Interstate 35 and the terminus of Highway 65, a few blocks away from US Bank Stadium and the downtown financial district, is the historic Francis Drake Hotel. Built in 1926, the Drake Hotel was initially constructed as a luxury hotel; it now serves as a temporary residence for homeless families and individuals.

Despite its age, neither the hotel nor its underground infrastructure had ever been updated. In early summer 2017, a sink hole was discovered below 5th Avenue South, caused by a failure in the hotel’s side sewer and its connection to the mainline.

This sink hole presented a major problem for the traveling public as thousands of cars rely on this corridor daily. To make matters worse, a nearby bypass tunnel, which allows traffic to avoid the downtown area, had also been partially closed for unrelated repairs and maintenance. This forced even more commuters onto 5th Avenue South, the site of the sewer failure. Moreover, the cost for a traditional open-cut rehabilitation method was estimated to be approximately $45,000 for this single repair and take several days to complete, disrupting nearby businesses. Decision-makers from the City of Minneapolis determined that an extended closure of 5th Avenue South 5th for an open-cut excavation to replace the side sewer and mainline connection would not be possible.

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New ASTM Standard for Hydrophilic Gaskets Approved and Updates to ASTM F2561

Ottawa, IL — ASTM International, one of the world’s leading industrial standard-setting organizations, recently took favorable action on two standard practice proposals for the trenchless rehabilitation of the connection of a sewer lateral to a main using hydrophilic gaskets.

The first of these standards, ASTM F3240, is the standard practice for installation of seamless molded hydrophilic gaskets (SMHG) for long-term watertightness of cured-in-place rehabilitation of main and lateral pipelines. ASTM F3240 is the first and only ASTM standard that addresses seamless molded hydrophilic gasket sealing for all terminating ends of CIPP (mainline and lateral). This standard is guiding the industry to achieve long-term watertight rehabilitations and make cured-in-place pipe more comparable to new pipe more than ever before. Read More “New ASTM Standard for Hydrophilic Gaskets Approved and Updates to ASTM F2561”