About Us

LMK Technologies has pioneered cured in-place lateral renewal technology and has driven the industry forward with new products and technologies to facilitate the rehabilitation of sewers for 20 years. In its relatively small lifespan as a company, LMK has invested time and resources on research and development; continually improving upon existing technology. As a manufacturer and technology provider, we offer contractors everything they need to succeed in the trenchless CIPP rehabilitation business. With our dedication to research and development of cutting-edge technology we also serve as one the most comprehensive sources of education and information in the industry.

Any product with the LMK name is indeed a trusted choice with the added value of constant support from the LMK team.

Our Story

Our patented process comes from generations of experience in the plumbing industry. The performance liner process is a win-win for our customers and the planet. Our solutions are long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Our Core Values

The LMK values reflect leadership, technical expertise, customer support, community, the continual pursuit of superior products that offer long-term solutions and the desire to meet and exceed the needs of end users.

Our Brand Promise

Our mission is to provide the most trusted, long-term solutions and services for renewing the world?s underground infrastructure.

The Foundation of the LMK Brand

Integrating today’s trusted methods with tomorrow’s technology.


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